Health Fair 11 Community Health Screenings

Health Fair 11 Community is a program designed to give people easy access to basic health screenings. During warm weather months, nurses perform the health checks like blood pressure readings, glucose checks, cholesterol checks, and BMI assessments aboard the Healthmobile bus.

Check out this video to learn more about our team and its impact. 

Health Fair 11’s Healthmobile travels to community events providing screenings and health education.

Our schedule has wrapped up for 2019.  In all, we participated in 18 events with the goal of helping people re-engage with their health journeys. Our team provided 3,059 screenings across the Twin Cities area. Results showed:

  • 21% unhealthy BP
  • 38% unhealthy cholesterol
  • 34% unhealthy BMI
  • 14% high glucose readings
  • 21% had no health insurance
  • 23% had no medical home/clinic
  • 30% had annual income below $20,000/year
  • 53% reported eating fruits & vegetables less than 6 times/week

No matter the ethnic make-up or the perceived economic profile of the communities visited by Health Fair 11 Community we found people who need to re-engage with their health journey.  We found people who were not aware their numbers were out of whack. We found people who knew they had health problems but were not following their doctor’s directives or taking their medications as prescribed. We found people who recently arrived in Minnesota and did not know about health services available to them.

Health Fair 11 Community is a project of Health Fair 11, a nonprofit organization.  Health Fair 11 operates with sponsorship support from KARE 11 TV and UCare. Be sure to thank them for their generous support of community health initiatives. Grant support is welcomed.

Wanted: Host sites & events

Health Fair 11 is looking for community-based organizations to host our free screening services. Organizations should be dedicated to serving people who lack access to health care due to financial or insurance limitations. Ideal locations include community centers, library conference rooms, and other gathering spaces. Health Fair 11 is specifically looking for ways to connect with people who don’t have easy access to health services, lack health insurance, or are struggling to make ends meet.

For more information on Health Fair 11 Community, send an email to  For additional information on Health Fair 11, visit its website

To be considered, please fill out the application found when you click here.

Please note that Health Fair 11 is not able to fulfill all appearance requests. Selection of host organizations and sites will be determined by Health Fair 11 sponsors.

Questions or comments should be directed to Health Fair 11 via email.