Buddy Check 11


Preventive health care does not need to be expensive.  When it comes to good breast health, you are your best advocate.

178845812On the 11th of every month, Buddy Check 11 Day, Health Fair 11 encourages you to check yourself for signs of breast cancer.  When you perform a breast self-exam on the same date of every month, you will soon come to know your body better.  That way, if changes start to occur, you’ll notice them sooner.

Once you’ve done your exam, call a ‘Buddy’ and remind her/him to also do a self-exam.

buddycheck_299x147Click here to learn more about our Buddy Check 11 program. You can also sign up for monthly emails that will remind you to do your monthly breast self-exam.

The Buddy Check 11 program is made possible by Health Fair 11, a collaboration among Minnesota Health Fairs, Inc. KARE 11 TV, and UCare.